Uneasy Pleasure


faux-fur, clay, chair, fabrics 


'Uneasy Pleasure' is a sculptural installation consisting of hand-made clay vases and a vessel, faux-fur, three different types of fabrics, a chair with a bed sheet on it and various tights. Nude tights are stretched between ceiling and floor in various changing arrangements. A long beige piece of fabric is attached to the ceiling and hangs down to the floor. Another sheer pastel pink fabric is suspended by two corners from the ceiling and hangs over the floor differently to brown fabric attached to the wall by one corner, hanging down to the floor. There are objects remaining still on the floor like a chair, vases and a vessel. Hand-made vases carry their vivid power as well as fragility. In my sculptural language nude fabrics and tights stand for human body. Objects like a chair covered in a white bed sheet and a vessel wrapped in faux-fur are in possession of intense sexuality. The sculptural installation is filled with textures and objects that are full of innuendos. In other words, 'Uneasy Pleasure' suggests something sexual or even unpleased, but do not refer to it directly. Everything is strewn into a kind of dysfunctional universe on the ground floor, hung on walls, hung from ceiling, but there is a certain sense of order, or organised chaos. Suspended tights and fabrics between ceiling and floor were created in order to influence the way the viewer moves through space reminding us that viewing involves our entire body, not just eyes.