Digital Fragments in Physical Space


3D animation, concrete, steel, aggregate 

'Digital Fragments in Physical Space' interrogates present-day sculpture by exploring the relationship between digital and physical materials. The installation raises the question about the status of sculpture today. The phenomenon of the expanded field of art with new forms like design practice with focus on digital and physical exploration and fabrication, 3D softwares, AI and Internet art put physical space and sculptures in danger. The emergence of media images, literally countless and ubiquitous, endlessly generated and consumed are seen as the final stage of the “visual turn” that pushes sculpture into the background. Therefore, the work is aiming to explore the relationship between digital and physical, where virtual space finds its replica in physical world and my sculptures migrate to digital space adopting its identity. I am interested in transforming data from one format and structure to another. By using some juxtapositions in my work, I generate two concepts of time: the deeper time of maturity, development and evaluation, and the faster time of technology and social change.