I am a visual artist working with sculpture and moving image in its various modes of installation and exhibition. Being an immigrant from Eastern Europe made an enormous impact on my understanding of process, space and time. In my works, materials migrate from one form to another shifting, adjusting and developing their identity and role. Objects, forms and surfaces are transformed into replicas that are eerily familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, leaving a viewer in limbo for a while. Time is a condition for existence of my works. I see it as as a changing process of duration and movement in which we and sound happen in. My work and its identity takes place within a continuum, it’s never fixed and unfolds through time. Exhibition is seen as an experiment and the relationship between my works, and the space they migrate to should continue to be open and flexible.

Objects contain layers of information through their shape and texture. They are crucial to communicate ideas, so the process of choosing matter for my works is extremely important for my practice. I work with clay, plaster, various type of foams and concrete. The materials carry their vivid power and fragility. I make the familiar unfamiliar by giving physical presence to the once empty space. Absence has the potential to change a viewer’s perception of reality. After World War II, in Eastern Europe, thousands of concrete buildings were thrown up and cheaply and quickly to fill the gaping wounds of the region’s ravaged urban landscapes. They had promised a new identity, new era and new future. The process of emptying and filling run throughout my work. My sculpture folds, unfolds and folds back again, it’s a process, development and evaluation with random and unwanted outcome that reminds me that things may happen out of my control.

In my current work, I raise the question about the status of sculpture today. The phenomenon of the expanded field of art with new forms like design practice with focus on digital and physical exploration and fabrication, 3D softwares, AI and Internet art put physical space and sculptures in danger. I see the emergence of media images, literally countless and ubiquitous, endlessly generated and consumed as the final stage of the “visual turn” that pushes sculpture into the background. Therefore, my work explores the relationship between digital and physical, where virtual space finds its replica in physical world and my sculptures migrate to digital space adopting its identity. I am interested in transforming data from one format and structure to another. By using some juxtapositions in my work, I generate two concepts of time: the deeper time of maturity, development and evaluation, and the faster time of technology and social change. It’s an experiment of matter and process, time and space.