A Different Type of Sensibility 


3 Minute audio, upholstery foam sheets, concrete, light bulb

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‘A Different Type of Sensibility’ is an unsettling sculptural installation consisting of a concrete object, a dim light bulb, 3 minute audio and upholstery foam sheets. The heavy, body-like object is placed in juxtaposition with soft upholstery foam sheets creating tension that is dictated by weight of the concrete. Both materials carry their vivid power as well as fragility. The grotesque object raises the question whether the body-like form is loving or cruel. Is it in a state of humanity or monstrosity? The thing about ‘A Different Type of Sensibility’ is that it never gets less disturbing, never loses the sense of a small but indelible psychic trauma. Pieces of plaster cast are spread on the floor acting as residue of process, trauma and human condition. The dim spherical light bulb hangs over the object and foams, changing the way we see the sculpture by revealing the bare minimum of form, shape and texture. Dim lightening generates experience for the viewer as well as space for the sculptural installation. ‘A Different Type of Sensibility’ is abstracted from timeline and narrative form, but repetitive, digital sound creates suspension of time within the space. The sound generates an illusion of harmony, but the tension-like feeling is created by increasing the noise level to the point it becomes distracting, this is to say it creates some sort of emotional stress. The sculptural installation is characterised by objects and materials’ fragile, temporary and transitory state, and the relationship between them and the space they occupy continues to be flexible and open. It's an experiment of matter and process, space and time.

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